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Definitions: S

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Term(s) Abbreviation
Sacral spine S-Spine
Sacral vertebrae S1-S5
Salpinggo-oophorectomy SO
Sarcoma SARC
Sedimentation rate SR
Sequential multiple analysis (Biochem profile) SMA
Serum glutamic oxaloacetic transaminase SGPT
Serum hepatitis SH
Shortness of breath SOB
Silver nitrate AGNO3
Skilled nursing facility SNF
Small SM, SML
Small bowel SML BWL
Small bowel SB
Social history SH
Solution SOL
Special lymphocytes formed in bone marrow (derived from bursa of Fabricius) B-CELLS
Specific gravity SP GR
Specimen SPEC
Split thickness skin graft STSG
Squamous SQ, SQUAM
Squamous cell carcinoma SCC
Squamous cell carcinoma SQCELL CA
Staphylococcus STAPH
Status post S/P
Streptococcus STREP
Subacute bacterial endocarditis SBE
Subcutaneous S-Q, SQ
Subcutaneous SUB-Q, SUBQ
Superior vena cava SVC
Surgery, surgical SURG
Symptoms SX