Quiz: Abstracting the Medical Records

  1. In the SEER Program, multiple neoplasms of the urinary bladder are represented by a single summary abstract, and so are skin cancers.
  2. For multiple primary tumors, each unrelated malignancy is abstracted on a separate form.
  3. The sequence number indicates the order in which a primary tumor is discovered in relation to the total number of primaries for a given patient.
  4. A diagnosis of probable carcinoma of the left lung is not reportable.
  5. It is absolutely not acceptable to change the primary site, histology, and extent of disease even if the latest or most complete information about a case is available.
  6. Therapy which should be incorporated into the registry record may be administered at another institution, on an outpatient basis, or in the physician's office.
  7. The cases may be abstracted as soon as the medical record is complete if further treatment is not anticipated.
  8. The information of a patient's identification include the patient's occupational history, social history, and medical history.