Radiologic Example 3

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Name: Mr. Noah Price
Hospital No.: 000003

Age: 56
Race: White


Examination Desired: Esophagram

Reason for Exam: Carcinoma of esophagus



The swallowing mechanism was observed at fluoroscopy, and spot films were obtained. Overhead views were then done in AP, lateral and oblique positions while the patient was swallowing barium. There was an irregular narrowed area in the midportion of the esophagus at the approximate level of the aortic knob. This has tapering margins and measures approximately 5.5 cm in length. It is consistent with the clinical information of carcinoma of the esophagus. There is no obstruction at this time, and the lumen measures 1.3 cm in its most narrow region.

Radiologist: Helen D'Agnosis, MD