Radiologic Example 5

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Name: Mary Secondchance
Hospital No.: 000005

Age: 65
Sex: Female
Race: White

Examination Desired: Mammogram of the remaining breast (right)

Reason for Exam: Carcinoma of breast


Mammogram of the Remaining Breast (Right):

There is no evidence of skin thickening. In the upper outer quadrant, there is noted a small area of increased opacification with radiating fibrotic strands. There is at least one large vein leading out of this area, as well as two smaller venous channels that are dilated in comparison with the remaining vasculature of this breast. No calcifications can be detected. Also, in the axilla on this side are two rounded opacities, suggesting lymph nodes.

An examination of the right breast is within normal limits.

IMP: Possibility of an upper outer quadrant carcinoma is surely to be considered. However, I would suggest a repeat mammogram in two or three months.

Date: 1/13/91
MammogramRadiologist: O. Roentgen, MD