Radiologic Example 6

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Department of Radiology - Division of Thermography

Name: Adeline Graff
Hospital No.: 000006
X-ray No.: 91-003

Address: _____________________
Sex: Female
Race: White
Date: 2/17/91

Age: 45
Physician: Rover Checkup, MD

Clinical Information (To be Completed by Physician)

Requesting physician: Rover Checkup, MD

Symptoms and Findings: R/O Breast Cancer

Current Medications: None

Smoking Status:

  • [_] Smoker (Refrain from smoking 3 hours prior to exam.)
  • [x] Nonsmoker

Technical Data:
Ambient temp. 70o F
Delta T 6o C
Oral temp._______

Breast Thermography Report:

Breast thermograms were performed with patient in the seated position. The basic thermographic pattern of the breast is: Vascular. There is a mild asymmetry of the vascular patterns of the breast, with a somewhat more prominent vessel which proceeds obliquely across the lower quadrant of the left breast. No evidence of neovascularization is observed.

Background breast temperatures are symmetrically decreased. The thermographic edge sign is not observed. Periareolar temperatures are symmetrical.


This study is slightly atypical because of the more prominent vessel over the lower inner quadrant of the left breast with some extension toward the midline into the upper inner quadrant. As there is no associated neovascularization or vascular anarchy, this is probably within normal limits.

Radiologist: U.C. Viewum, MD