Tomography Report Example

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Department of Radiology - Division of Thermography

Name: Emma Bronchilli
Hospital No.: 000011

Age: 48
Sex: Female
Race: Chinese

Examination Desired: CT scan of chest

Reason for Exam: Possible metastatic disease


CT Body Scan: (No contrast material administered)

Axial tomograms of the superior mediastinum were performed at 2 cm distances. The mediastinum was included from the thoracic inlet to the level of the carina. The examination showed normal mediastinal structures with no evidence of a mediastinal mass. Several abnormal densities were recognized, however, in both upper lungs (at least 6 in the left lung and at least 7 in the right lung), which probably represent nodular infiltration of the lung parenchyma of metastic origin. No evidence of pleural lesions was demonstrated, however.

The esophagus is visualized on this scan by a minimal amount of air in its lumen and does not appear to be displaced.


No evidence of superior mediastinal mass demonstrated. Multiple nodular infiltrations in both upper lobes representing probable metastatic lesions.

B.D. Scanner, MD

Date: 6/6/91
Exam: CT scan of chest