Answer: Operative Report Example 5 (Page 1)

09/27/91 Right breast tumor:

Tumor located just to the right of the nipple. Dx: Equivocal malignancy (frozen section). Final Dx (permanent section): Grade 2 adenocarcinoma.

09/29/91. (R) radical mastectomy:

No suspicious glands in axilla or supraclavicular area. No residual disease.


  1. A classical radical mastectomy or Halsted radical mastectomy involves the removal of the breast, the pectoral muscles, axillary lymph nodes, and associated skin and subcutaneous tissue.
  2. Histopathologic findings of a grade 2 adenocarcinoma will appear on a pathology report. These forms will be described in Section G.
  3. The glands in the axilla and supraclavicular areas are another way of describing lymph nodes.
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