Cytopathology Report Example 4

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Clinical Record - Tissue Examination

Name: Sid Pathe
Hospital No.: 000051

Age: 56
Sex: Male
Race: White
Reg. No.: 51
Ward: 13 East

  • Specimen submitted by: ____________
  • Date obtained: ______________

Specimen: Bronchial washing (cytology)

Brief Clinical History: RLL and RML collapse

Pre-operative diagnosis: Carcinoma

Operative findings: Same

Post-operative Diagnosis: __________________________________

Signature and Title: C.Hall

Name of Laboratory: Cytopathology Accession No(s).: L-91-34

Gross Description, Histologic Examination and Diagnoses:

The filter (1 ml. On Millipore), cell block sections (3) and smears (3) prepared from the bronchial washing show leukocytes, histiocytes (many pigmented), erythrocytes, fibrin, bacteria and proteinaceous material. There are numerous cells present showing radiation effects. There are other cells which appear viable, with enlarged irregular nuclei, clumped chromatin, prominent irregular nucleoli and orangeophilic cytoplasm.


Bronchial washing: consistent with bronchogenic carcinoma

Date: 08/24/91
Maria Bronsky, M.D.