Autopsy Example 2 (Page 6)

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Department Of Pathology - Autopsy Report

Microscopic Description

Gall bladder

Adenocarcinoma extending to liver and hepatic flexure of (R) colon


Infiltration with PMN and plasma cells
Hyalinization of arteriae
Fibrosis of glomeruli


Microscopically unremarkable


Atelectasis with RBC congestion and edema


Occasional areas of fibrosis

Final Diagnosis

  1. Carcinoma of the gallbladder with extension into liver
    1. Metastatic to hepatic flexure of colon with colonic obstruction
    2. Obstructive jaundice
    3. Passive congestion of liver with bile stasis
  2. Cholelithiasis
  3. Aspiration pneumonitis with pulmonary edema and acute tracheobronchitis
  4. Benign nephrosclerosis
  5. Acute pyelonephritis