Hands-on Exercises

Data Collection of Non-malignant Primary CNS Tumors Hands-on Exercises

The following three sets of hands-on exercises have been designed to give you an opportunity to test how much you have learned from this training module. The main purpose is to encourage you to practice and reinforce your knowledge and coding skills you have just learned from this module, rather than evaluate your performance. Therefore, your score will not be recorded and correct answers can be accessed readily for your reference.

For these exercises, assume that the patient had no previous non-malignant or malignant tumors of other sites.

Please select any one of the following sets and enjoy your exercise!

For these exercises, you will need to use the material covered in this module, plus you will need the FORDS Manual. The Intro to Collaborative Staging training module will be helpful in coding the Collaborative Stage exercises.

Note: These exercises were written for Collaborative Stage version 1, CSv01.04.00 (October 2007). They are currently being updated and will be replaced with exercises based on CSv2 version 02.03.02.