Quiz: Casefinding Sources

  1. A single casefinding source is enough to provide a complete description of the patient's cancer experience.
  2. Inpatient and outpatient admission and discharge reports are not useful, since they do not contain any information of clinical or pathological diagnosis of cancer.
  3. To ensure the accuracy of the codes used to identify cancer cases in the hospital, the registrar must determine what the hospital-specific guidelines are for coding certain diagnoses.
  4. The accuracy of surgery schedules as a source of casefinding depends on appropriate documentation of orders and diagnoses at the time of surgery.
  5. If the pathology department is computerized and each report contains an ICD-O histology and behavior code, a computer listing of coded final histological diagnoses can be generated.
  6. It is not recommended to have the pathology secretary send copies of reportable cases to the cancer registry.
  7. Only manual methods of reviewing pathology reports must include a way to track reports to ensure that each report has been included in the registrar's review.
  8. Radiation oncology logs should be reviewed for new cases as well as for collecting follow-up.