Quiz: ICD-O-3 Structure & Format

  1. ICD-O coding systems are designed for .
  2. In ICD-O, which section of the publication contains a numerical list of the primary sites?
  3. In ICD-O, the morphology code describes the neoplasms.
  4. The topography section of ICD-O has been adapted from the malignant neoplasm section of Chapter II of .
  5. ICD-O is .
  6. The fifth digit in a morphology code, after the slash, indicates .
  7. A complete ICD-O code requires digits or characters to identify the topographic site, morphologic type, behavior, and grade or differentiation of a neoplasm.
  8. In the numerical list, the first listed term, printed in bold type under a particular code, is .
  9. In the alphabetical index, any word that appears as part of three or more terms is .
  10. Use the code for a term followed by "NOS" when .