Cancer Registry Brochures

Some registries inform patients that they will be followed each year. This is explained in a brochure that is usually given to the patient within the first few weeks of diagnosis. The brochure can be provided in a folder with other resource materials. If the patient is in the hospital, the brochure and other information can be taken to the patient by the registry staff. Some registries mail the brochure with the patient follow-up letter to further explain the follow-up process.

The brochure explains the purpose of follow-up as well as other registry functions. Confidentiality issues are addressed in the brochure. The brochure explains that the patient's information is made available for research analysis and that aggregate data are made available to other research databases such as the National Cancer Database. Various types of additional information can be included within the brochure, such as current American Cancer Society statistics, and cancer prevention and control reminders.

The patient may be given a wallet size card with the registry's phone number and address. Some registries give patients a self-addressed stamped post card to report their new address in the event that they move.