Review: Policies and Procedures

Here is what we have learned from Policies and Procedures:

  • The cancer committee is responsible for the supervision of the cancer registry, monitoring follow-up rates and finding solutions to problems that the registry encounters.
  • The cancer committee determines the types of cases to be followed, establishes the frequency of contact and procedures for initiation of follow-up, and also determines the sequence of contacts or sources for follow-up.
  • The CoC of the American College of Surgeons core follow-up data items for approved cancer programs are the following:
    • Date of last contact or death
    • Cancer status
    • Vital status
    • Date of first recurrence
    • Type of first recurrence
    • Commission on Cancer coding system, current
  • An adequate staff and budget must be provided to handle the follow-up volume.
  • The follow-up process actually begins with the initial abstracting process, and all information that may be useful for follow-up purposes must be abstracted.
  • Follow-up letters represent the facility and must be approved by the appropriate institutional committees, the administration, or the cancer committee.


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