Case #3

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Left upper lobe, lung

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Patient admitted because of mass in LUL. On hyperventilating and forced exhaling, wheezing can be initiated toward lower aspects.

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CT chest: Nodular density in left upper lobe; 1.2 cm paratracheal LN to the R of midline. 1.5 - 2 cm lesion situated in the anterior segment of left upper lobe pointing towards left hilum.


Bone scan: Negative.


CT liver: Negative.
Chest: 3 x 3 cm mass in left upper lobe consistent with carcinoma.

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Mediastinoscopy: Inflammatory hyperplasia of mediastinal lymph nodes.

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Thoracotomy and lobectomy: 3 x 3 cm mass in subapical region leaning towards anterior segment; does not invade the pleura; several surrounding LNs are enlarged.

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Gross: LUL mass, L ant hilar LN, L subcarinal LN, and LUL.
Micro: Mod to poorly diff adenoca, lung tissue and 2 peribronchial LNs; LUL mass = 2.5 cm mod to poorly diff adenoca with invasion of the pulmonary vein within the tumor mass, but not extending out from the mass. Bronchial margins are free.

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Surgery: Left thoracotomy and left upper lobectomy.


Chemotherapy: began paclitaxel, carboplatin.