Case #1

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64-year-old female with 1 week of swelling, right leg. Swelling resolves after lying down at night. No other symptoms.

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Abdominal mass on pelvic exam.

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Barium enema prior to admission: negative for colon mass IVP: right pelvic mass


CXR: negative for masses

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Not done

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Abdominal exploration, omentectomy, TAH and BSO, dissection of L iliac nodes: Atrophic uterus; lymphoma of the left iliac lymph nodes, dissected and resected; liver and spleen appeared free of disease.

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Iliac lymph nodes: Follicular, small cleaved cell lymphoma
Inguinal lymph nodes: no evidence of tumor
Uterus: atrophic
Tubes and ovaries: serosal adhesions; no tumor


Bone marrow aspiration biopsy: Follicular, small cleaved cell lymphoma infiltrating the bone marrow.

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Started Rituxan with Cytoxan, vincristine, and prednisone (R-CVP regimen)