Quiz: Introduction to Skin Cancer

  1. Melanoma is a form of skin cancer that occurs in the melanocytes, which are cells in the innermost layer of the skin.
  2. Melanoma commonly afflicts the young and middle-aged, however people of all ages are at risk.
  3. Melanoma is more prevalent among white populations than in blacks and Asians.
  4. There has been a dramatic increase in melanoma mortality since the 1990s.
  5. Superficial spreading melanoma is the least common type of melanoma.
  6. Nodular melanoma becomes invasive soon after first appearing.
  7. Acral-lentiginous melanoma is the most common melanoma in dark-skinned people.
  8. Melanoma risk factors include sun exposure, family history, genetics and skin, hair and eye color.
  9. Change in an existing mole is the most common symptom of melanoma.
  10. Prognosis with melanoma depends on melanoma thickness and ulceration.
  11. Survival rates for melanoma of the skin are not related to stage at diagnosis.