Morphology & Grade

If the diagnostic term in the pathology report is not in the list below, be sure to consult your ICD-O manual.

Epithelial tumors (cell types for which AJCC staging is applicable)

  • Serous cystadenocarcinoma (84413; 40% of all ovarian cancers)
  • Endometrioid carcinoma (83803; 15%—similar to carcinoma of the endometrium)
  • Mucinous cystadenocarcinoma (84703; 12%)
  • Clear cell adenocarcinoma (mesonephroma—83103; 6%)
  • Undifferentiated carcinoma (80203; 5%)
  • Brenner tumor (90003)
  • Mixed epithelial tumor (many cell types)
  • Other unclassified epithelial tumors (many cell types)

Germ cell tumors (about 10% of all ovarian cancers; may be staged and reported separately from epithelial tumors)

  • Dysgerminoma (90603; counterpart to male seminoma; most common in children; most radiosensitive)
  • Endodermal sinus tumor (90713; also called yolk sac tumor; aggressive tumor; sensitive to chemotherapy)
  • Embryonal carcinoma (90703; rare)
  • Polyembryoma (90723; rare)
  • Choriocarcinoma (91003; very rare)
  • Teratoma (90823; rare)
  • Mixed germ cell tumors (codes vary; rare)

Sex cord stromal tumors (85901) (may be staged and reported separately from epithelial tumors)

  • Sertoli-Leydig cell tumor (86310; also called arrhenoblastoma; usually benign; causes masculinization)
  • Granulosa-stromal cell tumor (86203; produces estrogens)
  • Gynandroblastoma (86321; mixed granulosa-Sertoli cell tumors)
  • Androblastoma (86303)
  • Other unclassified sex cord stromal tumors (many cell types)

Other ovarian tumors (excluded from AJCC staging for ovarian cancer)

  • Lipid cell tumors (86700)
  • Gonadoblastoma (90731)
  • Nonspecific soft tissue tumors (sarcomas—many cell types)
  • Lymphomas (many cell types)

Other terms (excluded from AJCC staging for ovarian cancer)

  • Krukenberg tumor (84906; metastatic signet ring cell carcinoma)—metastatic tumor to the ovary from a primary in the gastrointestinal tract
  • Pseudomyxoma peritonei (84806)—metastases from mucinous cystadenocarcinoma in which the peritoneum becomes filled with a jellylike material that causes abdominal distention and compresses the bowel, requiring periodic surgical debulking

Synonyms for in situ carcinoma: Bowen's disease, Stage 0, CIN grade III, confined to epithelium, intraepidermal, intraepithelial, involvement up to but not including the basement membrane, noninfiltrating, noninvasive, no stromal involvement, papillary noninfiltrating

Other tumors of the ovary include benign adenomas and cysts, and tumors of low potential malignancy.

Fallopian tube cancer is most commonly papillary adenocarcinoma (82603, 85033).