Case #3

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74-year-old female with dysuria found to have a palpable pelvic mass on exam. Uterus and cervix are absent. No axillary/groin/neck lymphadenopathy. Had hysterectomy 20 years ago.

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CT Chest/Abd/pelvis: 7.0 x 11 cm mixed attenuation structure R true pelvis, suspected to represent a large multi-fibroid uterus. Small amount of fluid R gutter.

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CA 125 = 16

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12 cm R ovarian mass abuts R sidewall/R ureter/bladder. Small amount of free pelvic fluid. Normal omentum. No palpable inguinal adenopathy. Atrophic L tube/ovary. No visible evidence of tumor at end of procedure.

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R ovary – md mucinous cystadenocarcinoma. No involvement of capsule. R tube negative for malignancy. L tube/L ovary/part of omentum: atrophy. 0/2 para-aortic, 0/2 pelvic LNs positive.

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Surgery: BSO, bilateral pelvic lymphadenectomy, omentectomy.