Quiz: Types of Registries

  1. There are only two types of cancer registries: hospital-based, and population-based.
  2. Hospital-based cancer registries collect and maintain data on only a few specific types of cancer.
  3. The focus of population-based registries is on clinical care and hospital administration.
  4. One use of cancer data from cancer surveillance programs such as SEER is to monitor the distribution of cases of cancer among certain ethnic groups.
  5. Cancer research programs do not benefit at all from the cancer data collected by population-based cancer registries because an unbiased group of cases can not be selected for cancer studies.
  6. Special cancer registries often provide educational opportunities for those who want to learn more about a particular type of cancer, and support for those who may suffer from it.
  7. Two types of hospital-based registries exist. They are single hospital registries and multi-institution registries.
  8. The data collected by the hospital-based cancer registry, in comparison to the population-based registry, serve a wider range of purposes.