Quiz: Determining Multiple Primaries

  1. The Multiple Primaries rules have to be applied before the Histology Coding rules.
  2. The General Instructions are repeated in each set of site-specific rules.
  3. All of the site-specific rules are grouped by body system.
  4. All malignant solid tumors are covered by a set of multiple primary and histology coding rules.
  5. Each set of site-specific and "Other Sites" multiple primaries rules contains three separate modules.
  6. The Multiple Primaries rules say to complete one abstract for each tumor mentioned in the medical record.
  7. Read through the rules and select the best rule that applies to the case.
  8. The "Other Sites" set of rules contains some site-specific rules.
  9. When counting the number of tumors mentioned in the medical record, do not count metastatic tumors.
  10. It is acceptable to mix and match rules from different modules and from previous manuals.