Site-Specific Factor 2: Anterior 2/3 of Tongue, Tip, Border, & Tongue, NOS

Extracapsular Extension, Lymph Nodes for Head and Neck

Note 1: Code the status of extracapsular extension whether assessed clinically or pathologically of any involved regional lymph node(s) coded in the CS Lymph Nodes field. Do not code the status of any nodes coded in CS Mets at DX. Pathologic assessment takes priority over clinical assessment.

Note 2: According to AJCC (page 24), "Imaging studies showing amorphous spiculated margins of involved nodes or involvement of internodal fat resulting in loss of normal oval-to-round nodal shape strongly suggest extracapsular (extranodal) tumor spread; however, pathologic examination is necessary for documentation of the extent of such disease."

Code Description
000 No extracapsular extension
001 Extracapsular extension clinically, not assessed pathologically
Nodes described as "fixed", not assessed pathologically
005 Extracapsular extension present pathologically
888 Not applicable; no lymph node involvement
999 Unknown if regional lymph node(s) involved, not stated
Regional lymph node(s) cannot be assessed
Not documented in patient record
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