Site-Specific Factor 3: Number of Positive Ipsilateral Axillary Lymph Nodes

Note 1: Record this field even if there has been preoperative treatment.

Note 2: Lymph nodes with only isolated tumor cells (ITCs) are NOT counted as positive lymph nodes. Only lymph nodes with metastases greater than 0.2 mm (micrometastases or larger) should be counted as positive. If the pathology report indicates that nodes are positive but size of the metastases is not stated, assume the metastases are greater than 0.2 mm and code the lymph nodes as positive in this field.

Code Description
000 All ipsilateral axillary nodes examined negative
001-089 1 - 89 nodes positive
(code exact number of nodes positive)
090 90 or more nodes positive
095 Positive aspiration of lymph node(s)
097 Positive nodes - number unspecified
098 No axillary nodes examined
099 Unknown if axillary nodes are positive; not applicable
Not documented in patient record
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