CS Tumor Size: Breast Cancer

Note 1: For tumor size, some breast cancers cannot be sized pathologically.

Note 2: When coding pathologic size, code the measurement of the invasive component. For example, if there is a large in situ component (e.g., 4 cm) and a small invasive component see Site-Specific Factor 6 to code more
information about the reported tumor size. If the size of invasive component is not given, code the size of the entire tumor and record what it represents in Site-Specific Factor 6.

Note 3: Microinvasion is the extension of cancer cells beyond the basement membrane into the adjacent tissues with no focus more than 0.1 cm in greatest dimension. When there are multiple foci of microinvasion, the size of only the largest focus is used to classify the microinvasion. (Do not use the sum of all the individual foci.)

Code Description
000 No mass/tumor found
001-988 001 - 988 millimeters (code exact size in millimeters)
989 989 millimeters or larger
990 Microinvasion; microscopic focus or foci only, no size given; described as less than 1 mm
991 Described as less than 1 cm
992 Described as less than 2 cm
993 Described as less than 3 cm
994 Described as less than 4 cm
995 Described as less than 5 cm
996 Mammographic/xerographic diagnosis only, no size given; clinically not palpable
997 Paget's Disease of nipple with no demonstrable tumor
998 Diffuse
999 Unknown; size not stated
Not documented in patient record
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