CS Extension: Glottic Larynx

Code Description TNM SS77 SS2000
00 In situ; noninvasive; intraepithelial Tis IS IS
  • Invasive tumor with normal vocal cord mobility
  • Confined to glottis, NOS; intrinsic larynx; laryngeal commissure(s) anterior, posterior; vocal cord(s), NOS, true vocal cord(s), true cord(s)
11 One vocal cord T1a L L
12 Both vocal cords T1b L L
30 Tumor involves adjacent regions(s) of larynx
  • Subglottis
  • Supraglottis
    • False vocal cord (s)
T2 L L
35 Impaired vocal cord mobility T2 L L
40 Tumor limited to larynx with vocal cord fixation
Involvement of intrinsic muscle(s):
  • Aryepiglottic
    • Corniculate tubercle
    • Cuneform tubercule
  • Arytenoid
  • Cricoarytenoid
  • Cricothyroid
  • Thyroepiglottic
  • Thyroarytenoid
  • Vocalis
T3 L L
45 Localized, NOS T1NOS L L
51 Paraglottic space T3 RE RE
52 Minor thyroid cartilage erosion (e.g., inner cortex) T3 RE D
  • Base of tongue
  • Hypopharynx, NOS
  • Pre-epiglottic tissues
  • Postcricoid area
  • Pyriform sinus
  • Vallecula
68 Extension to/through
  • Cricoid cartilage
  • Thyroid cartilage except minor erosion, see code 52
T4a RE D
70 Extension to/through tissues beyond larynx:
  • Extrinsic (strap) muscles
    • Omohyoid
    • Sternohyoid
    • Sternothyroid
    • Thyrohyoid
  • Oropharynx
  • Skin
  • Soft tissue of neck
  • Thyroid gland
  • Trachea
T4a D D
71 Cervical esophagus T4a D D
73 Deep extrinsic muscle(s) of tongue T4a D D
80 Further contiguous extension, including:
  • Mediastinal structures
  • Prevertebral space
  • Tumor encases carotid artery
T4b D D
95 No evidence of primary tumor T0 U U
  • Unknown extension
  • Primary tumor cannot be assessed
  • Not documented in patient record
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