CS Lymph Nodes: Lung

Note 1: Code only regional nodes and nodes, NOS, in this field. Distant nodes are coded in the field Mets at DX.

Note 2: If at mediastinoscopy/x-ray, the description is "mass", "adenopathy", or "enlargement" of any of the lymph nodes named in Regional Lymph Nodes, assume that at least regional lymph nodes are involved.

Note 3: The words "no evidence of spread" or "remaining examination negative" are sufficient information to consider regional lymph nodes negative in the absence of any statement about nodes.

Note 4: Vocal cord paralysis (resulting from involvement of recurrent branch of the vagus nerve), superior vena cava obstruction, or compression of the trachea or the esophagus may be related to direct extension of the primary tumor or to lymph node involvement. The treatment options and prognosis associated with these manifestations of disease extent fall within the T4-Stage IIIB category; therefore, generally use code 70 for these manifestations. HOWEVER, if the primary tumor is peripheral and clearly unrelated to vocal cord paralysis, vena cava obstruction, or compression of the trachea or the esophagus, code these manifestations as mediastinal lymph node involvement (code 20) in CS Lymph Nodes unless there is a statement of involvement by direct extension from the primary

Code Description TNM SS77 SS2000
00 None; no regional lymph node involvement N0 NONE NONE
  • Regional lymph node(s), ipsilateral:
  • Bronchial
  • Hilar (bronchopulmonary) (proximal lobar) (pulmonary root)
  • Intrapulmonary nodes, including involvement by direct extension:
    • Interlobar
    • Lobar
    • Segmental
    • Subsegmental
  • Peri/parabronchial
20 Regional lymph node(s), ipsilateral:
  • Aortic [above diaphragm], NOS:
  • Peri/para-aortic, NOS:
    • Ascending aorta (phrenic)
  • Subaortic (aortico-pulmonary window)
  • Carinal (tracheobronchial) (tracheal bifurcation)
  • Mediastinal, NOS:
  • Anterior
  • Posterior (tracheoesophageal)
  • Pericardial
  • Peri/paraesophageal
  • Peri/paratracheal, NOS:
  • Azygos (lower peritracheal)
  • Pre- and retrotracheal, NOS:
  • Precarinal
  • Pulmonary ligament
50 Regional lymph node(s), NOS N1 RN RN
  • Contralateral/bilateral hilar (bronchopulmonary) (proximal lobar) (pulmonary root)
  • Contralateral/bilateral mediastinal
  • Scalene (inferior deep cervical), ipsilateral or contralateral
  • Supraclavicular (transverse cervical), ipsilateral or contralateral
N3 D D
80 Lymph nodes, NOS N1 RN RN
  • Unknown; not stated
  • Regional lymph node(s) cannot be assessed
  • Not documented in patient record
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