CS TS/Ext-Eval: Lymphoma

Note: According to AJCC, "The use of the term pathologic staging is reserved for patients who undergo staging laparotomy with an explicit intent to assess the presence of abdominal disease or to define histologic microscopic disease extent in the abdomen. Staging laparatomy and pathological staging have been essentially abandoned as useful procedures." (6th ed., page 396) Therefore, Collaborative Staging uses a modified evaluation scheme for lymphomas, and it applies to the CS TS/EXT-EVAL field only. The other EVAL fields are coded as "not applicable" for this schema

Code Description Staging Basis
0 No staging laparotomy done. No autopsy evidence used. c
3 Staging laparotomy done. p
8 Evidence from autopsy only (tumor was unsuspected or undiagnosed prior to autopsy) a
  • Unknown if staging laparotomy done
  • Not assessed; cannot be assessed
  • Unknown if assessed
  • Not documented in patient record
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