Site-Specific Factor 2: Systemic Symptoms at Diagnosis

Note 1: Each stage should be classified as either A or B according to the absence or presence of definedconstitutional symptoms, such as:

Note 2: Pruritus alone does not qualify for B classification, nor does alcohol intolerance, fatigue, or a short, febrile
illness associated with suspected infections.

Code Description Modifier
000 No B symptoms (Asymptomatic) A
010 Any B symptoms:
  • Night sweats
  • Unexplained fever (above 38 degrees C)
  • Unexplained weight loss (generally greater than 10% loss of body weight in the six months before admission)
B symptoms, NOS
020 Pruritis (if recurrent and unexplained) B
030 (010) + (020) B
999 Unknown
Not stated
Not documented in patient record

The "A" or "B" is appended to the stage I-IV as determined in the data item Site-Specific Factor 2, Systemic Symptoms at Diagnosis.

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