CS Mets at DX: Thyroid Gland

Note: Supraclavicular and transverse cervical lymph nodes are now coded in CS Lymph Nodes because they are categorized as N rather than M in AJCC TNM.Any cases coded to 10 or 50 can be reviewed and recoded.The volume of cases affected should be small.

Code Description TNM SS77 SS2000
00 No; none M0 NONE NONE
10 OBSOLETE - Mandibular (facial) node.
Review and recode in CS Lymph Nodes.
M1 D D
11 OBSOLETE - Level I nodes.
Review and recode in CS Lymph Nodes.
M1 D D
12 Distant lymph node(s), NOS M1 D D
40 Distant metastases except distant lymph node(s) (code 12)
  • Carcinomatosis
  • Distant metastasis, NOS
M1 D D
50 OBSOLETE. Review and recode either to 40 or to 51
  • and appropriate code in CS Lymph Nodes
M1 D D
51 (12) + (40)
  • (Distant lymph node(s) plus other distant metastasis)
M1 D D
99 Unknown if distant metastasis
Distant metastasis cannot be assessed
Not documented in patient record
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