Review: Summary Staging 2000

What makes the SEER Summary Staging Manual - 2000 (SSSM2K) a true manual is that it offers instructions, definitions, and detailed descriptions. Further, the actual standard NAACCR stage codes are provided (unlike the old Summary Staging Guide -1977 (SSG77)). In addition, there are other major changes:

  • The manual contains the site codes that are listed in ICD-O-3.
  • Every primary site now has a scheme in SSSM2K - a major improvement over the old SSG77.
  • The European Eponymic Standard was adopted in the new SSSM2K.
  • The "time rule."

The content of the SSSM2K may change the stage from what it would have been using the old SSG77. Notations used in the SSSM2K denote those changes. Users of the SSSM2K are encouraged to read the introductory pages of the manual PRIOR to attempting to stage a case.