FIGO Staging of Gynecologic Tumors

Sponsor & History:

  • Federation Internationale de Gynecolgie et d'Obstetrique (in French) International Federation of Gynecology and Obstetrics (in English)
  • First published in 1929 (cervix); adapted to the TNM format and incorporated into AJCC staging.


FIGO Staging is based on clinical staging, careful clinical examination before any definitive therapy has begun. Exception: ovary, which includes surgical exploration.


Stage Description
Stage 0 In situ carcinoma
Stage I Similar to localized: confined to organ of origin
Stage II - Stage IV Extension beyond organ of origin into areas of the pelvis and beyond (regional and distant stages)

Site-specific guidelines:


Use "OCC" (occult) to indicate invasive (Stage IB) carcinoma not detected clinically but found on biopsy, conization, amputated portion or resected uterus.

Endometrium: (Corpus Uteri)

FIGO subcategorizes Stage IB endometrial cancer by the grade of tumor, but AJCC does not.

Endocervical extension can only be established by fractional curettage or scraping of the cervix submitted as a separate specimen at D and C.


FIGO clinical classification of ovary includes gross and microscopic findings during and after operative procedure as well as cytologies.