Abbreviations: I

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Abbreviation Term(s)
I Iodine
ICD-O-1 International Classification of Diseases for Oncology, 1st Ed., 1976
ICD-O-2 International Classification of Disease for Oncology, 2nd Ed., 1992
ICD-O-3 International Classification of Disease for Oncology, 3rd Ed., 2000
ICM intercostal margin
ICS Intercostal space
ICU Intensive care unit
IG Immunoglobulin
IHC Immunohistochemical
IM Intramuscular
IMA Internal mammary artery
IMP Impression
INCL Includes, including
INF Inferior
INF Infarction
INF Infusion
INFILT Infiltrating
INJ Injection
INT MED Internal medicine
IP Inpatient
IPI International Prognostic Index (for lymphomas)
IPPB Intermittent positive pressure breathing
IT Intrathecal
ITC Isolated tumor cells
IV Intravenous
IVC Interior
IVP Intravenous pyelogram