Acronyms: National Organizations

Acronym Organization
AACR American Association of Cancer Research: AACR is the oldest and largest scientific organization in the world focused on every aspect of high-quality, innovative cancer research. The programs and services of AACR foster the exchange of knowledge and new ideas among scientists dedicated to cancer research, provide training opportunities for the next generation of cancer researchers, and increase public understanding of cancer.
ACCC Association of Community Cancer Centers: An organization of comprehensive hospitals and cancer centers with an interest in community activities. Members are concerned about the how and why of cancer program development, the impact of prospective payment, capitation, and competition, and the establishment and maintenance of high standards of quality patient care.
ACOA American College of Oncology Administrators: A professional healthcare organization for oncology administrators, managers, and consultants of cancer programs and services. It is a chapter of the American Academy of Medical Administrators (AAMA).
ACOS American College of Surgeons: A professional medical association to improve the quality of care for surgical patients by elevating the standards of surgical education and practice.
ACS American Cancer Society: A private cancer research organization, which supports, through grants, investigator-initiated projects in established medical and other scientific institutions across the country.
AHIMA American Health Information Management Association: A group of credentialed (RRA, ART) professionals who collect and analyze a wide range of health information.
AJCC American Joint Committee on Cancer: Organized in 1959 for the purpose of clinical staging, the AJCC decided to use the TNM system of the UICC to develop its own system of clinical and pathologic staging. Cooperation between 1982-87 has resulted in uniform and identical definitions and stage groupings of cancer for all sites between UICC and AJCC.
AMA American Medical Association: A professional organization of practicing physicians. It also provides coordination and direction for allied health education to establish and maintain appropriate standards of patient care through its accreditation of allied medical education programs.
ASCO American Society of Clinical Oncology: A society of oncologist, primarily medical, for the dissemination and exchange of cancer information.
ASSO American Society of Surgical Oncology: A society of surgical oncologists for the dissemination and exchange of cancer information.
CCOP Community Clinical Oncology Program; A cooperative agreement supported program which provides support to community-based oncologists to participate in clinical trials sponsored by the clinical cooperative groups an/or cancer centers.
COC Commission on Cancer of the American College of Surgeons: Representing 28 national professional organizations, the Commission seeks multidisciplinary co-operation in cancer management. It establishes standards for approval of cancer programs, stimulates cancer programs in institutions and communities, develops nationwide patient care evaluation studies of specific organ sites and types of malignancy as well as symposia and postgraduate courses on cancer for physicians.
JCAHCO Joint Commission on Accreditation of Health Care Organizations: Formerly JCAH (hospital). Provides standards for accreditation of health care organizations and conducts surveys to determine and organization's degree of compliance as well as provides acceptable ways to bring the organization into compliance.
NTRA National Tumor Registrars Association: A professional non-profit organization to promote the level of knowledge and performance of tumor registrars through educational standards and continuing education as well as to improve and standardize the compiling of tumor registry information.