Exercise 10

You know that two different medical terms can have the same meaning. Two different suffixes can also have the same or similar meanings. An example is the suffix -(i)asis (condition of, formation of, presence of) and the suffix -poiesis(formation of, production of). Some words using these two terms are:

  1. lithiasis — formation of stones
  2. nephrolithiasis — formation of stones in the kidney
  3. hemopoiesis — the formation and development of blood cells

Sometimes, -poiesis will be changed to another form by using -tic instead of -sis, as in the word hematopoietic.

Match the terms on the left with the definitions on the right.



  1. a condition marked by the presence of kidney stones
  2. presence or formation of calculi or other concretions in the stomach
  3. condition in which calculi are formed in the bronchi
  4. the presence of concretions in the lung
  5. condition associated with the formation of gallstones