Exercise 7

As part of a physical examination, the examining physician notes the ability of the patient to move his or her limbs, the ability to feel, and the ability to speak, remember, see, and hear in a normal fashion. The absence or malfunction of these abilities can be associated with nervous or neurological disorders. Loss of the ability to move parts of the body or to receive sensations will be noted. In many of these instances the record will state that there seems to be some type of paralysis associated with the cranial nerves, the spinal nerves, or some condition of the brain tissues.

Take a look at the terms listed on the left that describe these conditions below and see if you may match them with the definitions listed on the right.



  1. loss of a physical ability associated with some type of dysfunctioning of brain tissue
  2. loss of a function associated with a nerve in the spinal column
  3. loss of a physical capability associated with a malfunction of a cranial nerve