Pretest: Answers

Correct Answer Term Definition
1. l adenopathy disease of glands
2. g arterial obstruction blockage in the arteries
3. k ascites accumulation of serous fluid in the abdominal cavity
4. o auscultation the act of listening to sounds within the body to determine the condition of the heart, lungs, and other organs
5. f cachexia general physical wasting and malnutrition
6. r cardiomegaly abnormal enlargement of the heart
7. j cranial nerve paralysis loss of a capability that can be associated with a malfunction of a cranial nerve
8. s dermatitis inflammation of the skin
9. p edema abnormal accumulation of serous fluid in connective tissue or serous cavity
10. d hepatolysis destruction of the liver
11. m hepatomegaly enlargement of the liver
12. t hypersplenism excessive activity of the spleen
13. v jaundice yellowing pigmentation of the skin, tissues, and body fluids caused by deposition of bile pigments
14. a lymphadenopathy disease of lymph nodes
15. q necrosis death or decay of cells or tissues in part of the body
16. i pallor paleness, absence of skin coloration
17. b paralysis of brain origin loss of ability that can be associated with some type of dysfunctioning of brain
18. u percussion tapping or striking on the body to determine, from sounds produced, the condition of internal organs
19. w phonocardiography graphic recording of heart sounds
20. h pleural effusion presence of fluid in the pleural space
21. e spinal cord paralysis loss of a capability that can be associated with a nerve that begins in the spinal column
22. c spenomegaly enlargement of the spleen
23. n venous obstruction blockage in the veins