Exercise 1A

Following are names for six illnesses associated with the respiratory system:

Term Definition
allergy a state of hypersensitivity to certain things, such as pollen, food, animals, etc., usually characterized by difficult respiration, skin rashes, etc.
bronchiectasis a chronic dilatation of the bronchi marked by fetid breath and paraxysmal coughing with the expectoration of mucopurulent matter
emphysema a swelling or inflation of the lung(s) due to the presence of trapped air, a condition that makes for chronic shortness of breath
tuberculosis a highly variable communicable disease caused by tubercle bacilli and characterized by toxic symptoms or allergic manifestations which in man primarily affect the lungs
atelectasis collapse of the adult lung, or, the incomplete expansion of the lungs at birth

Exercise 1

You have already studied the suffix -ectasis. The meaning of this suffix is:

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