Exercise 10

Several other conditions and diseases occur with some frequency in cancer patients. The terms and definitions are listed below.

Term Definition
burns in primary site area Certain types of skin cancer seem to be related to burns. Therefore, it is important to note whether or not the patient was burned in the area around the primary site of a skin cancer.
cystic mastitis (chronic cystic mastitis) This is a disease of the breast characterized by cyst formation which gives a nodular feel to the organ.
leukoplakia, leukoplasia It is a disease marked by the development upon a mucous membrane (most commonly of the cheeks, gums, or tongue) of white, thickening patches which sometimes show a tendency to fissure. It is common in smokers and sometimes becomes malignant.
polyposis of GI tract The presence of multiple polyps in the GI tract
polyposis gastrica The presence of multiple polyps on the gastric mucosa
polyposis intestinalis A condition in which polyps occur in the intestine and rectum
ulcerative colitis chronic ulceration in the colon
villous adnomas of the colon Colon tumors that see to be associated with the protrusion of small blood vessels on the mucosa of the large intestine and rectum, giving a velvet-like surface

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