Choose the definition on the right which matches the term listed on the left.



  1. high blood pressure
  2. a chronic shortness of breath
  3. costovertebral angle or cerebral vascular accident (or stroke)
  4. inflammation of the bronchial tubes
  5. a syndrome of fatigue and exhaustion of the muscular system
  6. coagulation necrosis in muscular tissue of the heart
  7. inflammation of a nerve
  8. inflammation of the lungs
  9. pelvic inflammatory disease
  10. inflammation of the kidney
  11. a broken bone
  12. malfunctioning of the nervous system
  13. a venereal disease which can affect all tissues of the body
  14. any type of invasion of tissue by microorganisms at or around the tumor site
  15. a liver disease
  16. chronic dilatation of the bronchi
  17. a state of hypersensitivity
  18. a metabolic disorder
  19. venereal disease characterized by inflammation of the genital mucous membrane
  20. exaggerated or withdrawn behavior

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