Pretest: Answers

Correct Answer Term Definition
1. l allergy a state of hypersensitivity
2. k bronchiectasis chronic dilatation of the bronchi
3. d bronchitis inflammation of the bronchial tubes
4. m cirrhosis a liver disease
5. h C.V.A costovertebral angle or cerebral vascular accident (or stroke)
6. e diabetes mellitus a metabolic disorder
7. o emphysema a chronic shortness of breath
8. a gonorrhea venereal disease characterized by inflammation of the genital mucous membrane
9. f hypertension high blood pressure
10. n infection at tumor site any type of invasion of tissue by microorganisms at or around the tumor site
11. c mental illness exaggerated or withdrawn behavior
12. s myasthenia gravis a syndrome of fatigue and exhaustion of the muscular system
13. j myocardial infarct coagulation necrosis in muscular tissue of the heart
14. t nephritis inflammation of the kidney
15. q neuritis inflammation of a nerve
16. i neurologic disorder malfunctioning of the nervous system
17. b P.I.D. pelvic inflammatory disease
18. p pneumonia inflammation of the lungs
19. r syphilis a venereal disease which can affect all tissues of the body
20. g traumatic fracture a broken bone