The following Posttest should provide you with a good indication as to whether or not you now know the meaning of each of the word elements covered in this learning unit. Match the word elements listed on the left with the definitions listed on the right.



  1. crab, cancer
  2. flesh
  3. white
  4. tumor
  5. to know
  6. fat
  7. like, resembling, in the form of
  8. composed of carbohydrates
  9. growth, formation
  10. lack of, deficiency
  11. flow, discharge
  12. to feel, perceive
  13. burst forth, excessive flow
  14. destruction, breakdown of
  15. tumor, relationship to tumor
  16. blood
  17. inflammation of
  18. life
  19. forming, producing, or productive of
  20. condition of
  21. nose
  22. study of
  23. painful, ache

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