Posttest: Answers

Correct Answer Word Element Definition
1. n -lysis destruction, breakdown of
2. p -hem(a) blood
3. u rhin(o)- nose
4. o onc(o)- tumor, relationship to tumor
5. q -itis inflammation of
6. t -osis condition of
7. a carcin(o)- crab, cancer
8. k -rrhea flow, discharge
9. e gno- to know
10. h -ose composed of carbohydrates
11. s -genic forming, producing, or productive of
12. c -leuk(o) white
13. g -oid like, resembling, in the form of
14. v -ology study of
15. f lip(o) fat
16. m -rrhage burst forth, excessive flow
17. l (an)esthesio- to feel, perceive
18. i -plasm growth, formation
19. w -algia painful, ache
20. d -oma tumor
21. b sarc(o) flesh
22. r bi(o)- life
23. j -penia lack of, deficiency