Exercise 1

Some form of unusual bleeding or discharge is often associated with cancer of the digestive system or respiratory system. Some type of hemorrhaging might occur which appears as blood in the urine (hematuria) or as bloody stools (melena). Also, the patient might be spitting up blood, a condition known as hemoptysis. Four terms describing some type of unusual bleeding are:

Term Word Elements Definition
  • hemat — a stem meaning blood
  • ur — a stem referring to urine
  • ia — a suffix meaning condition of
condition of blood in the urine
  • hemo — a stem meaning blood
  • psysis — stem referring to spitting
  • sis — a suffix referring to condition of
a condition characterized by the spitting up or coughing up of blood
melena from "melas," a root meaning black the passage of black, tarry stools containing blood (When blood oxidizes, it becomes black.)
  • hemat — a stem meaning blood
  • emesis — a suffix meaning to vomit
the vomiting of blood

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