Exercise 5

Often a cancer patient will report he experienced a general weakness or loss of strength, or a feeling of fatigue. The term syncope refers to a sudden loss of strength which often results in fainting or loss of consciousness. If a patient says he has had dizzy spells but has not fainted, this can be recorded as dizzy spells. However, if a sudden loss of strength (possibly with fainting or loss of consciousness) was reported, this is referred to as syncope.

A 35-year-old male has experienced hoarseness for more than four months. He has found it increasingly difficult and painful to swallow. In the past week, he began having breathing difficulties (dyspnea). About three months ago, he experienced some dizziness, and he fainted during once of these episodes. However, these spells have not occurred for the past two months.

Identify the four symptoms, out of the eight listed below, that might be recorded in the medical record.

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