Posttest: Answers

Correct Answer Term Definition
1. j acromegaly abnormal enlargement of extremities
2. e angina pectories a disease condition marked by brief paroxysmal attacks of chest pain caused by deficient oxygenation of heart muscles
3. n anorexia loss of appetite
4. i diarrhea abnormal frequency of intestinal discharge
5. a dysphagia difficult in swallowing
6. h dyspnea difficult breathing
7. c dysuria painful urination
8. o hematemesis the vomiting of blood
9. b hematuria discharge of blood in the urine
10. k hemoptysis spitting up or coughing up of blood
11. d hirsutism abnormal hairiness, especially in women
12. g melena passage of black, bloody stools
13. p nocturia excessive urination at night
14. m orthopnea inability to breathe except in an upright position
15. f pruritus itching
16. l syncope sudden loss of strength, as in fainting