This block of instructions will cover 16 medical terms. Some of these terms you may know already. To find out for yourself which ones you know, take the pretest below. It is quite similar to the one you will take at the end of this learning unit.



  1. loss of appetite
  2. inability to breathe except in an upright position
  3. sudden loss of strength, as in fainting
  4. spitting up or coughing up of blood
  5. abnormal enlargement of extremities
  6. abnormal frequency of intestinal discharge
  7. difficult breathing
  8. passage of black, bloody stools
  9. itching
  10. a disease condition marked by brief paroxysmal attacks of chest pain caused by deficient oxygenation of heart muscles
  11. abnormal hairiness, especially in women
  12. painful urination
  13. discharge of blood in the urine
  14. difficult in swallowing
  15. the vomiting of blood
  16. excessive urination at night

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