The following word roots will be discussed in the following leaning units. Can you recognize their correct definitions? Under each word root, there are four definitions, but only one is the correct. Please select the one you think is right by clicking one of the radio buttons. When you finish all the questions, please click Check Answers button to see your test results.

  1. (an*)esthesio-
  2. bio(o)-
  3. carci(o)-
  4. hem(a)
  5. gno-
  6. leuk(o)
  7. lip(o)-
  8. onc(o)-
  9. -plasm
  10. rhin(o)-
  11. sarc(o)-
  12. gastr(o)-
  13. oste(o)-
  14. toxic(o)-
  15. urin-

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* a or an: A prefix signifying without (lack of) or not.