Pretest: Answers

Correct Answer Word Root Definition Example
1. A (an)esthesio- to feel, perceive anesthesia
2. C bi(o)- life biopsy
3. A carcin(o)- crab, cancer carcinoma*
4. B hem(a)- blood hematology
5. B gno- to know diagnosis
6. C leuk(o) white leukocyte
7. C lip(o) fat liposarcoma
8. A onc(o) tumor, of tumor oncology
9. B -plasm growth, formation neoplasm
10. B rhin(o)- nose rhinorrhea
11. D sarc(o)- flesh sarcoma
12. A gastr(o)- stomach gastrointestinal
13. D oste(o)- bone osteosarcoma
14. C toxic(o)- poison toxicology
15. D urin- urine urinalysis

* Although the root for this word means cancer or crab, in general, usage carcinoma means a malignant epithelial tumor.