Quiz: Radiation Therapy

  1. Only X-rays are used in radiation therapy to kill cancerous cells and shrink tumors.
  2. Newly developed radiation therapy machines are able to produce radiation beams of much greater energy while maintaining great accuracy.
  3. Radiation can distinguish between cancer cells and normal cells.
  4. Stereotactic radiation therapy targets a tumor from many different directions so that the beams of radiation converge on the tumor.
  5. Patients receiving external beam therapy have to stay in the hospital for days because this therapy causes a lot of pain and discomfort.
  6. External beam radiation destroys cancerous cells in a large area surrounding the tumor while brachytherapy delivers a boost, or higher dose of radiation, to help destroy the main mass of tumor cells.
  7. Some types of cells are radiosensitive, making them the best candidates for radiation therapy.
  8. The radiation oncologist is the person who is primarily responsible for the patient's radiation therapy.
  9. Radiation therapy is only used after surgical treatment to destroy microscopic residual cancer cells left after surgery.
  10. Side effects of radiation therapy are limited to the organ or structure receiving radiation treatment.