Case #2

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2 month history of dysphagia and weight loss. Neck: no adenopathy. Abdomen: no masses, non-tender.

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Esophagogram and UGI: Mass defect in upper third of the esophagus, 3 cm in size; remainder of UGI normal.


Chest X-ray: Normal.


Chest CT: Mucosal thickening within the esophagus c/w malignancy. No hilar or mediastinal adenopathy seen.

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LFTs: slightly elevated.

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EGD with biopsy: Esophageal tumor at 12 cm from the incisors approximately 3.5 cm in size; no disease beyond the upper third of the esophagus.

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Esophageal biopsy: moderately differentiated squamous cell carcinoma.

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Radiation: Began beam radiation total dose 3200 cGy to anterior and posterior chest 6MV photons and 3400 cGy to spinal cord 6MV photons